“You are an amazing loving presence, and I would love to tell the world what a difference you have made for me. My heart is filled with JOY as I recall our session together. I am grateful for your sweet tender angelic care. Thank you for creating an extraordinary loving, accepting, and healing space for me to BE and to let the tears fall freely. Thank you for helping me heal my heart”.



“Doing inquiry with Mari is like being given all the time and space you need to allow yourself to explore all the nooks and crannies of your beliefs, feelings, perceptions, opinions, fears, needs, wants and MORE. She tunes into you so closely that she deftly guides you into the core of an experience, if you’re ready, and, if you’re not, she skillfully stays with you as you «dip a little toe» into the experience. All the while she holds such a spaciousness for you that anything is welcome.”



“Remarkably, I have felt like a completely different person since our session! There was something about that process of mentally stopping at various points along the timeline of my past 13 years and not being able to find «the one who made a mistake» that has really changed the way I experience reality now. Previously I was wracked with guilt and shame over my decision to leave the relationship, I felt angry at myself most of the time and had very little patience with my son. That experience though, somehow exposed my doubting mind so clearly that I no longer feel drawn into its trap – it’s like when my «Oh God I’ve made a mess of our lives» talk starts up there’s a part of me that just smiles at it and fobs it off before it can gain any momentum. What an incredible relief!!!!”



“Having a session with Mari is like going into the twilight zone. Her presence and love take me beyond the confines of the mind. I love her gentleness, humor and insight.
Our sessions have always left me feeling lighter and clearer”


New York

“I enjoyed my session with Mari very much. She somehow seemed to be in synch with my own rhythm, being quiet when quiet was needed and speaking when speaking was needed. I was able to go very deep in my session”.



“I wholeheartedly recommend Mari as a Living Inquiries facilitator. I trust her thoroughly in sessions, and I’m able to relax fully into the looking.

I am a former Living Inquiries Trainer, and when Mari was in my course, she described facilitating with this insight: «I’m just helping the other person to focus.»

Mari adds nothing extra, and leaves nothing out. She is calm, gentle and skilled, and has a strong awareness of what makes LI so special.”

Carin Channing

former Living Inquiries trainer

“That was the freakiest session I’ve ever had!
I mean, I’ve been on LSD, but this was crazier.”



«Group inquiry with Mari is such a trip. I never know what unexpected place it will take me too. I always leave the sessions relieved or amazed or both. «

Joy Brehaut


«Group inquiry is amazing. I started a group thinking its about my food addiction and as we looked it became about not wanting to feel embarrassed with someone I might be attracted to. Then to seeing a brief glimpse of how i can only feel embarrassed if I think that they are separate from me. Mind blowing. «



«Mari’s presence is sweetly hypnotic, inviting us into a space of deep relaxation and rest»



“ Thank you for a lovely session. You have a great ability to create a safe atmosphere, I could speak freely without worrying about what came out. Your voice is very soothing, and I was guided skillfully through the thoughts that came up. The session gave me a new perspective on what felt like a challenge before. I rediscovered how important it is for me to listen to and respect my body, and for that I am unbelievably grateful. I look forward to new discoveries next time”


Oslo, Norway

“Today I rediscovered that joyous sense of being which was my experience as a child. I laughed openly upon realizing that I am not a problem.  Thank you Mari for your gentle guidance.”



“Mari’s attentive, sensitive and intelligent presence has helped me to discharge some long-forgotten trauma, and to glimpse deeper spiritual realization as well. I recommend her as a facilitator to those who have a taste for deep inner work”



“Mari ‘s wide open, gentle and non-judgmental spirit made me feel safe enough to inquire into some issues that I’d previously been too afraid to look at. She was with me and for me the whole way. Thanks so much.”