Sessions and prices

Sessions and packages

Single inquiry session  – 75 $


  • Three L.I. sessions within the course of two weeks, one follow up group facilitation


  • Five L.I. sessions within the course of three weeks, two follow up group facilitations


  • Seven L.I. sessions within the course of five weeks, three follow up group facilitations

The Real Deal

RTL is a dynamic, versatile and simple way to inquire alone, with a partner or with a group. This tool can be used to investigate into any topic. It is also excellent in every day life for short, “real time” looks on-the-go.




«The session gave me a new perspective on what felt like a challenge before. I rediscovered how important it is for me to listen to and respect my body, and for that I am unbeliveably grateful.»
                        Linda, Oslo, Norway