Real Time Looking

Real Time Looking is based on the Living Inquiries and was invented by Wayne Hayden-Moreland. It is a versatile, dynamic and simple way of inquiring. It can be used alone, when you are out and about, with a partner or with a group. If you have experience with inquiry you can easily learn this technique and make it your own practise. If you are new to L.I it might take a few sessions to learn.


RTL as your own exploration:

In L.I. we narrow down our topic of Inquiry, in RTL we may move from one theme into another as we explore the stream of consciousness in a fluid way.


RTL with couples and teams:

  • Explore together in a new and refreshing way that includes listening and being heard without conversation.
  • Investigate patterns and habitual responses right there with those involved.
  • Experience the interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated topics and discover a new form of intimacy.

RTL is an excellent way to work with conflicts or stagnated aspects of relationship.


RTL in everyday life:

In real life we can get into situations that trigger us, and we don’t have the option of sitting down, closing our eyes and doing meditative inquiry. With RTL you can tune in and explore right there, eyes open, in the midst of situations. Use it for quick laser-looks on the bus, walking, in the gym, in the office, in line at the grocery store etc.




«Thank you for creating an extraordinary loving, accepting, and healing space for me to BE and to let the tears fall freely.  Thank you for helping me heal my heart
                        Trang, U.S.