How I got into this work

Me and the Living Inquiries bumped into one another at a time in my life when I felt utterly alone. The spiritual search had driven me into a corner where I was alienated from everything and everyone, while trying to whip myself into enlightenment. I had an unshakably clear sense that I was living backwards and there had to be a simpler way.

A deep unease had taken over – grief, depression and anxiety knocked me to the ground. I had tried eating it away. I had tried not eating. I had tried solitude, company, self improvement, affirmations, meditation, as well as a heap of healing modalities. Now all my activities had come to a full stop and culminated in isolation, bed-ridden-ness, the whole shebang. I couldn’t work, couldn’t do anything.




The Living Inquiries could not take me from intense suffering into OK-ness. What could was the deep rest and spaciousness, the loving, wordless presence that is so inevitable in a good session. If you ask me, that presence is where the war ends and true OK-ness with life is born. And from there eagerness, enthusiasm, self love and joy can appear effortlessly. When you’re willing to look, the truth might be sweeter than you think.

I’ve been a certified facilitator since 2013, and my passion is providing a space where it is safe to open. You really don’t have to do this alone. No subject is too big or too small. Bring your adversity and let’s go looking there, in that presence. I haven’t found a boogey man yet.

Somewhere inside, I was tired of fighting, I knew there was only one thing to do. I let my plans, my career and my life fall to shambles and decided to dive right in. In stead of trying to go through it alone I gave myself the gift of facilitation. Having someone gentle and skilled sit with me and guide me into the places I didn’t dare to face alone was the sweetest thing. Scott and the L.I. facilitators could welcome all of me. To say out loud those deep dark words I thought no human being would ever accept, and then be met the way I had always longed to be met – with love, simplicity and openness. For me that was, and continues to be, profoundly intimate and indescribable.

Very soon I entered the facilitator training. I got intimate with all of it. And it took willingness. Willingness to relax into «I don’t know», willingness to trust my feelings above my thoughts about them. Daring to go gently into the scariest places without an agenda.




«Mari ‘s wide open, gentle and non-judgmental spirit made me feel safe enough to inquire into some issues that I’d previously been too afraid to look at. She was with me and for me the whole way. Thanks so much.»
                        Dan, Jacksonville