Facilitated Group Inquiry

Welcome to facilitated group inquiry

Group Facilitations are an affordable way to do very potent inquiry. Simply click on the link to Zoom Video Conference (no installation needed), then close your eyes, lean back and follow along.

You will be guided your internal inquiry, resting and exploring beyond the confines of the mind. This process contains all the steps of a private L.I. session, except as a participant you do not say anything out loud. You communicate using simple hand signs. Through simple questions we dissolve the knots of words, images and feelings that give rise to suffering. 

Group Facilitations happen every Monday and Wednesday, and you can always rely on them whenever you need to be facilitated. Drop in whenever it suits you, or join us weekly for support.

Any level of experience with LI is welcome (none to lots). If you’re new to L.I. email me in advance and we’ll go through the basics.

Weekly times

Time:  8 PM Central Time/ 9 PM Eastern/ 6 PM Pacific/ 2:00am (Tuesday) UK time/ 3:00am (Tuesday) Central European Time
Zoom video conference link:

Time: 13 PM CET / noon UK / 5 am PST/ 8 am EST / 7 am CST
Zoom video conference link:

Sign up by transferring $10 via Paypal to hayland4@gmail.com (free for facilitators). Recordings available by request for $5.

For questions: mari.tveito@gmail.com

Join the L.I. Group Facilitations Facebook Page here:







«Group inquiry with Mari is such a trip. I never know what unexpected place it will take me too. I always leave the sessions relieved or amazed or both.»
                        Joy, U.S.

«Everything is different before and after Group Inquiry.»
                        Ann Kristin, Oslo