About Mari

Mari Eckhoff Tveito

My name is Mari and I am a certified Facilitator of the Living Inquiries. My passion is providing a space where it is safe to open and explore.

Inquiry is the core of what I offer. Inquiry is not about fixing problems, rather, it can soothe the constant drive to fix them and reveal the restful aliveness that is already here. This natural rest is undisturbed by circumstances and events, and it is always available in the present moment.

In addition I share other simple tools and techniques I’ve learned over the years like restful tapping, breathing, mirror work and writing exercises with the purpose of establishing a friendly inner environment.

I offer L.I., Real Time Looking and Group Facilitation sessions for individuals, couples and groups. No subject is too big or small; let’s go looking. The truth might be sweeter than you think.

Follow this link to learn about how I got into this work…

“Having a session with Mari is like going into the twilight zone.
I love her gentleness, humor and insight. Our sessions have always left me feeling lighter and clearer”
                        Allison, New York




«Mari’s attentive, sensitive and intelligent presence has helped me to discharge some long-forgotten trauma, and to glimpse deeper spiritual realization as well. I recommend her as a facilitator to those who have a taste for deep inner work
                        Matt, Israel