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Living Inquiries Facilitator

Mari Eckhoff Tveito

My name is Mari and I am a certified Facilitator of the Living Inquiries. My passion is providing a space where it is safe to open and explore.

Inquiry is the core of what I offer. Inquiry is not about fixing problems, rather, it can soothe the constant drive to fix them and reveal the restful aliveness that is already here. The process of Inquiry provides a shift in perspective that is always available to you in the present moment.

In addition I share other simple tools and techniques I’ve learned over the years like restful tapping, breathing, mirror work and writing exercises with the purpose of establishing a friendly inner environment.

I offer L.I., Real Time Looking and Group Facilitation sessions for individuals, couples and groups. No subject is too big or small; let’s go looking. The truth might be sweeter than you think.

Follow this link to learn about how I got into this work…

“Having a session with Mari is like going into the twilight zone. Her presence and love take me beyond the confines of the mind.
                        Allison, New York




The Living Inquiries


The Inquiries are simple everyday tools designed to dissolve the beliefs, fears, and addictions that often run our lives.

Many of us are searching for happiness, or at least we want less stress, less anxiety, less addictive behaviour or conflict in our lives. We can feel like we are battling uphill with problems and difficulties and life can be painful and very challenging at times.

We might be seeking, not content with life as it is. Whatever the exact nature of our struggles, the Living Inquiries offer a radically different approach to them.

«Mari’s presence is sweetly hypnotic, inviting us into a space of deep relaxation and rest»
                        D.C, U.K.




Real Time Looking


Real Time Looking is based on the Living Inquiries and was invented by Wayne Hayden-Moreland.

It is a versatile, dynamic and simple way of inquiring. It can be used alone, when you are out and about, with a partner or with a group.

If you have experience with inquiry you can easily learn this technique and make it your own practise.

“That was the freakiest session I’ve ever had! I mean, I’ve been on LSD, but this was crazier.”
                        Anonymous, U.S.




Sessions and packages

Single inquiry session  – 75 $


  • Three L.I. sessions within the course of two weeks, one follow up group facilitation


  • Five L.I. sessions within the course of three weeks, two follow up group facilitations


  • Seven L.I. sessions within the course of five weeks, three follow up group facilitations

The Real Deal

RTL is a dynamic, versatile and simple way to inquire alone, with a partner or with a group. This tool can be used to investigate into any topic. It is also excellent in every day life for short, “real time” looks on-the-go.




A mini session of Anxiety Inquiry, showing how physical pain can reveal much more when we take a closer look:




You are welcome to contact me for a chat on Skype if you’re curious or want to know more. No strings attached.